Year 5

Welcome to Year 5.

Our Year 5 team.

Enjoy some photographs from our latest activities.

Welcome, we hope you will find the information on this page useful in learning all about the curriculum and how you can support your child. Please find below the overviews for English and Maths. Sometimes year groups may deviate from the planning grids to accommodate: extra learning time for reinforcement of a concept, target work, responding to events and assessments.

 Curriculum Overviews

  Class Project Overview  Numeracy Year 5

Read the following links to find out how we approach reading and writing.

 Reading Guidance  All about writing Y5

We realise that not everybody was able to attend the  meeting to share our new approach to reading. Hopefully the powerpoint will help. We have also photocopied examples from our children’s diaries and annotated them to help you understand how you can support. Thank you for helping.

  3/4/5 Reading Meeting

Over the year children are expected to achieve objectives in reading. Read the ‘Targets’ so you can support your child. They will be in your child’s reading journal. 

 Reading Targets

Children need to learn to read and write specific words identified in the National Curriculum. You will be able to find them in your child’s reading journal.

   Common words

Read the curriculum newsletters to find out in more detail the content of each project. Remember your child can complete an independent research log for each project.

   Curriculum Newsletter 

Why not click on the link below which provides additional information related to our Cornerstones project. We adapt each project to respond to the strengths and areas for development in the class.

 Cornerstones Site

Please have a look at some examples from our Great Work Spotted wall!

  Great Work Spotted!

Please find below useful links to websites we use to support your child’s learning. We will add more throughout the year. Click the image to access the website…