Amanda Procter

Elected parent governor Elected by parents in school
Term of office 06.03.2015 – 05.03.2019
Serving on:Personnel committee Curriculum committee
No declared business or pecuniary interests.
I was elected as a Parent Governor in March 2015, and I serve on the Personnel and School Improvement Committees. I have special responsibility for a year group, and for the 2016/2017 year, this is year 3. I have been associated with this year group since they were the Year 2 cohort, and having the continuity with the children as they progress through the year groups is one of the most enjoyable parts of the role of governor. I spend as much time in the classroom as possible because I believe this helps me be a better Governor, and better able to make informed decisions about school. I am the link Governor for training, which means that I am responsible for ensuring that the Governing Body are aware and up to date with the training they are required to complete, in their role as Governors.
I have two daughters in school, and like all the parents and carers I speak to, I want Horwich Parish to be an environment in which my children can reach their full potential, enjoying themselves along the way. I’m keen to try and increase understanding of the role of the governing Body amongst the parent community, and am always happy to answer any questions that parents have about what we do.
Before becoming a parent, I worked in Marketing and Advertising, and my background is in publishing and National Press. Through this I gained skills which I believe can benefit school, particularly in the area of communication. I am passionate about local community issues, and am keen to ensure that Horwich Parish is a positive force in the Horwich community.

Governing Body Meetings 7/7 100% Committee Meetings 7/9 78% Total 14/16 88%