Sports Premium 2015/16

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Physical Education Annual report 2015-2016

In October 2015 Horwich Parish CE School achieved the Sainsbury’s School Games Gold Award for the second year running.

How does physical education and school sport contribute to the overall attitude, behaviour and achievement of our pupils?

Within Physical education lessons the children focus and develop our school themes of the 5Rs: resilience, risk taking, reflective, resourceful and relationships.

All pupils are engaged, motivated and demonstrate a high level of understanding and skill and some are able to take the lead in high quality PE lessons.

Some children achieve significantly greater in PE than other subjects, which has a positive impact on raising their self -esteem and self-worth. Children also have to work alongside different members of the class to achieve success and collectively solve problems through different sports and activities. PE lessons promote to children that a healthy body produces a healthy and active mind. Within the medium of sport the children also experience success and challenges when they do not win and are required to reflect on their performance to make future improvements.

 Is the progress and achievement of all pupils in physical education consistently good or outstanding?

The progress and achievement of children is consistently good and outstanding in some areas of activity in some year groups: areas of activity are monitored and are reported in terms of those children who are working above and below national expectation in each area.

Pupils’ achievements in PE are celebrated in school.

Is a rich and varied programme of extra-curricular sport and physical activity offered to pupils and are they engaged in deciding which activities are provided?

The children are provided with a wealth of activities throughout the year in the different year groups.

Do all pupils participate in this programme of extra-curricular sport and physical activity?

All children have the opportunity to participate in a broad spectrum of extra-curricular activities. In each year group, the numbers of children taking part in an activity as part of a school out of hours activity or local club is surveyed and recorded. This year 57% of pupils in Years 3-6 participated in an extra curricular activity in school. This represents an increase of 5% on the previous year.

The school has active links with over 20 clubs who support the extra-curricular activities we offer and provide support for children identified as gifted and talented in order to fulfil their sporting potential.

Do we participate in high-quality competitive opportunities with other schools and are we successful?

We have achieved significant success in a number of sports each year. Successes in 2015/2016 include:

Tournament winners 6 a side Leverhulme Park

October 2015:

Bolton Kids’ Cup  tournament winners

November 2015:

Horwich and Blackrod Cluster 5-a-side tournament winners

January 2016:

Bolton Sports Hall Athletics winners

February 2016:

Horwich and Blackrod Cluster Sports Hall Athletics winners

Horwich and Blackrod Cluster Swimming Gala – Year 5 winners

March 2016:

Horwich and Blackrod Cluster High 5 netball tournament winners

Represented Bolton in the Football North finals – finalists

Two children represented Bolton in the Greater Manchester Cross-country Run

Represented Bolton in Greater Manchester Games in swimming

April 2016:

Blackpool Cup tournament winners

Bolton 5 a side Football tournament winners

May 2016:

Horwich and Blackrod 7 a side tournament winners

Unicorn Cup finalists

Horwich and Blackrod Cricket tournament winners

Bolton Dodgeball Tournament winners

Bolton Year 5 tournament – runners up

Bolton Mini-Tennis tournament winners


How much time do we devote to the teaching of physical education?

Two hours PE education is provided for all KS1 and KS2 classes.

How does our school ensure that the physical education curriculum is engaging and stretching for all pupils?

A wide variety of opportunities are provided for all children in school.  Horwich Leisure Centre is used throughout the Autumn and Spring terms to supplement opportunities for all children, and the Year 6 children experience an outdoor adventure holiday at Robinwood Activity Centre.  Specialist support is provided to develop teacher knowledge, and the local cluster training allows support for teachers who request support in a particular area of learning. Observations have demonstrated differentiation to meet the needs of groups of learners.

In 2015-16 children from the gifted and talented register were provided with specialist coaching at BWFC. Two were invited to attend academy trials following the session and the remaining 14 were invited to attend the gifted and talented training offered by the club.

Is the teaching and learning of physical education in our school consistently good or outstanding?

Lessons observed have shown that they are good.

How does our school ensure the extra-curricular programme is of a high-quality and delivered safely?

Class teachers provide extra -curricular activities in cross country, gymnastics, netball, football, athletics and rounders. Outside agencies are also used who provide quality assured coaches who extend, enrich and enhance the experience for those young people who are interested or talented in sport (football, cricket, dodgeball, dance, multi-skills and rounders).

How does our school ensure that physical activity contributes to the health and well being of all our pupils?

Each year the school takes part in a ‘Health week’ which has a focus on leading a healthy lifestyle. Also a breadth of activities in school time ensures that the children are provided with a range of activities which they may pursue for enjoyment and physical life-long activity.  PE lessons also generally include an aspect which ensures the children understand the importance of weekly physical activity.

Children are encouraged to be active at break times and a number of extra curricular clubs take place at lunchtimes.

Children in year 6  will be trained in ‘Heart Start’ (July 2016) which is part of an initiative provided by the local high school and the Fire Service.

Positive attitudes towards healthy and active lifestyles are encouraged amongst pupils and staff, and extended to parents and carers.


Specifically in terms of the quality of leadership and management:

Does our school have a clear vision for high-quality physical education and school sport that contributes to the whole school development plan?

The PE co-ordinator has a clear vision of the importance of PE and endeavours to raise its profile in the school for the children and staff.

Who takes the lead for physical education in our school?

Lesley Burgess takes the lead for PE. She has the support of the headteacher, staff, governors, pupils and parents.

Do we have a strategy for ensuring effective professional development in physical education?

Professional development is provided in a variety of ways:

DFE sports grant funding enables the hiring of HLC so that two hours of quality PE is provided. Also these sessions are led by professional coaches who are specialists in these areas. This ensures that staff can watch and support and therefore implement in future lessons. Also the local authority provide courses which teachers can attend if this is an area they wish to develop further.

The school is part of the Horwich and Blackrod Cluster (School Sports Partnership) led by Sue Archibald (School Sports Co-ordinator), who shares expertise and offers support in providing CPD for staff members.  A significant part of the sports grant is used in this way.

Do we work in partnership with other schools and local partners to enhance our provision?

We have developed very close links with local primary and secondary schools to provide sporting opportunities for children in a variety of sports. Throughout the year a range of competitions are entered which are both competitive and non-competitive. The local cluster of schools is engaged in a ‘school sports partnership’ and meet on a regular basis throughout the year. The cluster of schools also uses funds to pay for support for an SSCO (Sue Archibald) who co-ordinates the different activities and competitions.

Does our school have a clear plan for the use of the primary physical education and sport funding?

Sports funding at Horwich Parish is used to ensure that two hours of PE is provided for every child in the school by hiring the local leisure centre. Also money is used to hire specialist coaches who provide training in a number of sports to KS1 and KS2 class teachers who support the coach taking the sessions.

Who is responsible for monitoring and evaluating the impact of this funding in our school?

The Headteacher ( A Beedie)/ Curriculum leader (A Washington ) and PE subject leader (L Burgess) monitor and evaluate the impact of funding on our school.

A breakdown of costs for 2015-2016

Sports Grant 2015-16                         £9,625

Hire of leisure centre hall                        £ 2,860

Swimming service level agreement        £ 3,746

Sports coaches                                            £ 5,110

SSCO/ Contribution towards local competitions (Sue Archibald)    £ 2,427

Total     £14,143

Funding for 2016-17  £9671.

We plan to spend in the same way over the coming year.