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End of year awards







Well done to Noah and Eleanor who were awarded the Ian Hesketh trophy for sport. Josh who was the first recipient of the Barbara Worthington trophy for arts and Anna who collected the most house points this year.









Spirituality Day June 2017

Our Spirituality Day has been planned as a whole school activity to allow all the children in school to experience a wide range of Prayer Spaces. These take the form of activities or guided reflections on different themes to do with God, the world and ourselves.  Each Prayer Space was set up and led by a different teacher, with the classes spending time in each room to experience them in the course of the day.  The children from Year 1 to Year 6 also had a Reflection Diary to help record what they had done, and to take home to help share the experience with parents and carers.

Our Prayer Spaces

Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 Years 3 – 6
Teacher Theme Teacher Theme
Mrs Taylor Cardboard Home

A reflection on homelessness

Mrs Barber Handwritten

To remind us that our names are written on the palm of God’s hands

Mr Beedie Big Questions

What tough questions would you ask God?

Mrs Washington Hope blossoms

Watching your hopes and dreams blossom like lilies on a pond

Miss McEwan Thankful Ribbons

A visual sign of things to say “thank you” for.

Mrs Hall Big Questions

What tough questions would you ask God?

Mrs Slawson Letting go

Stopping to reflect and deal with our worries

Mrs Burgess Fizzy forgiveness

Forgiving and letting go as you watch a fizzy tablet disperse

Mrs Slingsby Sorry strings

Reflecting on when we get things wrong, and how to say sorry

Mrs Kay Sorry strings

Reflecting on when we get things wrong, and how to say sorry

Miss Hasselder Mirrors

To promote a positive self-image

Mrs Hiller Cardboard Home

A reflection on homelessness

Mrs Magilton Hope blossoms

Watching your hopes and dreams blossom like lilies on a pond

Mrs Cashmore Dream clouds

To reflect on what we want to achieve in life

Miss Parker Empty plate

To reflect on those who go hungry every day

Mr Banner Pray for the world

To help children to think about things that are happening around the world

TTrockstars Rockstar Wrangle
















Well done to our times tables wizards who competed in the TTrockstar wrangle yesterday. The competition was tough with the eventual winner completing 148 questions in 1 minute!

Kebab Extreme

Kebab Extreme have spent their winnings from the £5ver challenge on some excellent reading material. Well done.

Public Speaking

A huge well-done to the two teams who took part in the public speaking event. The children were a credit to the school and performed brilliantly. We had a winning team for Kaitlyn, Lillie and Sarah and best speaker for Lily. Thank-you to Mrs Hall for her time preparing the scripts and children for the event so successfully. Thank-you for the parents support also. It was lovely to see Morgan Newton, a past pupil, as head girl at Albany now.





£5ver challenge

Year 6 – Fiver Challenge update

Profits have now topped £1500, and we are thrilled with the outcome for all our Year 6 pupils. We are having the project mentioned in the Bolton News, and we also have two more winning groups. Kebab Xtreme won this week’s Advertising Competition, and win £50 in Amazon vouchers. Badge Ninjas were also second runners up in this national competition.

Message from Chair of Governors

Dear Parents and Carers

As we approach the end of a successful year for our school I would like to update you on the arrangements for the management of the school for the Autumn Term.

As you are aware, our head teacher, Mr A. Beedie is stepping down from his post at the end of term. Although the head teacher post has been advertised twice in 2017, the governing body was not able to make the appointment.The governing body has decided to re-advertise the vacancy in August and September, with the interview date set for Monday 25th September. On this occasion, the governing  body hope to be able to make the appointment of the head teacher with a start date of  January 2018.

After consultation with the Bolton Authority and the Diocese of Manchester, from September 2017 Miss S. Mitchell, who is the head teacher of our partner school Egerton Community Primary School, will take over the role of Executive Head Teacher at Horwich Parish. She will spend two and a half days per week at Horwich Parish, while continuing her role at Egerton for the remainder of the week.   During the period of time Miss Mitchell is at Egerton, Mrs Washington will cover the Head Teacher’s role and duties.

Yours sincerely,

David Pritchard

Chair of Governors


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