Last newsletter of this school year!

Dear Parents and Carers,

Thank you from Mr Beedie

I have had so many gifts, cards and words of kindness over the last few days, I couldn’t begin to find the chance to say thank you individually. So to all staff, parents and children, my thanks for all your kind gifts and wishes, and also for your partnership with me over 12½ years.  I will keep in touch with the school, and how you are all doing, and let you know how I get on.

Staff changes

As we say “goodbye” today to Mr Beedie, Miss Hasselder, Mrs Pye, Mrs Dickson and Miss Parker we wish them well in whatever they do in the future.

We are also pleased to announce that Mrs Dickson has been replaced, and our new TA is called Mrs Dickens (what a coincidence!) and she will be working with Year 6 next term. We will also be welcoming Miss Nicholson to our TA staff team for the year.  Mrs Slingsby will be working four days per week next term, and her Y2 class will be taught by Mrs J Ford on Wednesdays.

New windows

We are pleased that the final section of windows will be replaced in the infant building, so the uPVC will be complete all round the building. We are intending for the work to be complete by the time the children return from the summer. We have been lucky enough to receive a grant for this from the DfE, and we are grateful to the PCC of our church for the 10% contribution.

Y6 leavers

Our very best wishes go to the Year 6 children leaving today, and we look forward to hearing of their successes as they move on to high school.

Year 2 moving to Year 3 – School Dinners

School dinner prices from September will be £1.40 per day. Payment for the term will be £47.60 payable via ParentPay.

If your child is moving from Year 2 to Year 3 in September and having school meals, please remember that you will need to start paying for dinners in September. If you do not already have your ParentPay login please see the school office for a letter confirming your login details.

Parent collaboration

From September we would like to perhaps set up a parent group who would be able to contribute to ideas and initiatives and give a parent’s viewpoint so all stakeholders informed and all views gathered. The group would meet approximately once every half term before the end of the school day or later if more helpful to parents interested. Please could you email if interested in sharing and contributing to help move our school forward. It would be great to gain a selection of parents across the different year groups. We already a have a few parents who have shown an interest in working together.

Play & Youth Service Summer Programme 2017

Bolton Council’s ‘Summer Fun’ programme is now available on line for you to look at. Details can be found via the My Life in Bolton website which is

Electronic copies of the summer fun guide can be found online on the Council webpage

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